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Dark Age - Nooby
Name: Dark Age
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Welcome to Giants World Domination, the most dedicated Giants Citizen Kabuto source on the web! Browse through the latest news below to see what's new in the Giants community. If you're new to Giants and looking for some multiplayer action, you'll need to download the 1.497 BETA Patch.

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100+ Members on Discord! - Tig
Giants Discord Server! - buster
Giants steam sale! - Tig
ChateX is back online - eXistenZ
MDK: FREE ON GOG (for a limited time) - arthurdecastro
Steam Community - buster
New host - King
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New Shield Texture - CyBu318 - Skins
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ION upgrade - Nyvane - Skins
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100+ Members on Discord!Posted by Tig on Fri. May 25, 2018
It's time for celebration, as our Discord server has passed into the triple digits!

We've never expected it to become as big as it is now! We've gathered a lot of new players for the game, as well as a good amount of veterans that have played the game since it first came out. We're even seeing an increase in activity on our servers outside of events we host ourselves!

Thank you all for supporting us in our ongoing endeavour of resparking the love for this game!

Because of our increase in activity and size, all new members that join our Discord will be given a special role, that requires them to read & accept our terms and conditions before being granted access to the rest of the server and communicate with the other members there! This is done to keep the main channels clear from one-time players and people with just a single question for our techsupport. Do not feel deterred when you get an automated bot response on join!

Even though we are a multinational community, the language preferred is English. If English is not your strongest language, and you do need help, feel free to join and ask it in your mothertongue. There will sure be at least one other member that can help you out!

What can you expect once you join?
- an active community with a lot of random chatting.
- Combat training and tips.
- Techsupport for the game.
- Patches.
- Screenshots & gameplay.
- Active moderation & interactive staff.
- Frequent announcements for games that aren't posted on Steam.

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Giants Discord Server!Posted by buster on Sun. Mar 25, 2018
Giants Discord Now Live!

We have created a Discord Channel. Join us @
(This link will not expire and grant you permanent access.)

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Giants steam sale!Posted by Tig on Wed. Feb 07, 2018
Giants is on sale with a 30% discount on steam untill the 12th of February. Secure your copy now!
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ChateX is back onlinePosted by eXistenZ on Thu. Feb 01, 2018
ChateX is back online. You can connect to:

You can also set it in the options to automatically connect there.

Official forum thread:


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MDK: FREE ON GOG (for a limited time)Posted by arthurdecastro on Tue. Nov 21, 2017
Black Friday sale is on GOG, and MDK is free on the homepage:

Sadly, Giants isn't on sale right now =/

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Steam Community Posted by buster on Mon. Sep 11, 2017
If you are a newcomer and you want to play with more people, join our steam community!. We'll launch an announcement (which pops up on the bottom right of your screen) everytime we play!

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New hostPosted by King on Tue. Jun 27, 2017
I migrated this site to a new host and updated some of the stale pages (e.g. external links). If anything appears broken, please leave a comment or start a topic in the forum.
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