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Battleground - RichardMH
Name: Battleground
Author: RichardMH
Type: MvM

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Command Description
-5footclip For those who prefer the longer range 'Z' precision when playing the game in 16 bit color. Note this feature comes with the expense of some ugly clipping in first person, and is maybe only an issue with nVidia hardware in 16bit color.
-agptex Allows use of graphics AGP memory. Not recommended to try on most systems.
-amd3dnow Force use of AMD 3DNow instructions. This should happen automatically if they are available.
-autodesignate Auto-designates a host if the game is dedicated.
-baselevel *unknown function*
-bbwait *unknown function*
-deberr *unknown function*
-debwin Allows you to enter the debug menu in the beta version of Giants.
-dedicated Forces Giants to run in dedicated mode, using your connection as the server.
-equalz For compatibility only and maybe required by some obscure or future video cards. This setting forces the 'Z' depth to be the same as the color depth.
-font Forces Giants to use the font you choose for menus and such.
-gamegauge Run an in-game movie to test your average frame rate.
-gameteam <value> Pre-determines your team, whether it's blue or green.
-gametype <number> Sets the gametype based upon your number, for example 49 is 3-way, 13 is mecc vs mecc, and 11 is reaper vs reaper.
-GFX *unknown function*
-GFXpath *unknown function*
-highbandwidth Forces Giants to send more packets out to the players. Use only with broadband players.
-host <gamename> Hosts a multiplayer game with the designated game name.
-intelsse Force use of Intel SSE instructions. This should happen automatically if they are available
-join <ip address> Joins a multiplayer game through the designated ip address.
-lang *unknown function*
-lobby Indicate that this game was started via a DirectPlay lobby.
-location *unknown function*
-logchat Logs the game's chat if the server is dedicated.
-lowtex Reduce texture usage to 4MB.
-maxplayers <number> Defines the max number of players that can join your multiplayer game.
-mixalpha This forces an advanced color management change that may benefit some cards that are having problems with alpha blending. You should not try this switch on cards that support hardware T&L like the Nvidia Geforce family of cards.
-mspeed <value> Changes the mouse speed from 0.0 being the slowest to 1.0 being the fastest.
-name <playername> Forces Giants to use the designated name as the player name.
-noaudio Prevents Giants from outputting audio.
-nocpuext Disable any CPU special instructions. This should only be needed if your CPU has compatibility problems.
-nodxerror *unknown function*
-noeax Disables EAX sound.
-nofog This disables fog in Giants, which can be especially useful on Intel's i810 video card.
-noforcefeedback Disables "rumbling" in the certain devices that support it, such as some logitech mice.
-nogamespy Forces Giants to NOT advertise your game on Gamespy.
-noload *unknown function*
-nophff Forces Giants to set the default to no party house friendly fire. This prevents your teammates from destroying items built from the party house, such as turrets, on the same team.
-noplay Disables sound.
-nosnd3d Disables 3d sound.
-nostream Disables ambient sounds, the "environmental" sounds.
-noswitch Disables team switching during a multiplayer game.
-notnl Turns off graphics hardware transform and lighting.
-novimps Forces Giants to remove vimp from the game.
-pmarkers [#] Determines state of player markers.
-port <port #> Changes the port number that Giants uses. The default is 19711 UDP.
-safemode Forces Giants to run in 640x480 with low color and no sound. Use this option for debugging problems with your Giants.
-SND *unknown function*
-snd3d Forces Giants to use EAX 3d sound.
-SNDpatch *unknown function*
-voodoo Forces Giants to recognize the older Voodoo cards, allowing you to play with that old Voodoo 3 2000 =)
-wep <hex address> Disables certain weapons or items.
-world *unknown function*
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