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New York - Giants_Gamer32
Name: New York
Author: Giants_Gamer32
Type: MvK
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Comments: I can't dl this file, why?
Rating: 5

11:50 AM / Thu. Jul 28, 2011 Posted by GallSynonim

Comments: AWESOME!
This is the latest patch for Giants and includes:
- Official 1.4 patch
- Bugfixes and balancing (more stable and more updated than official 1.4)
- Red Blood Patch
- Level 6 Patch
- GeForce3 Patch (improved graphics for all video card)
- Official MapPack 1
- New Maps
- More graphics improvements
- Multiplayer support (is the only version accepted by the servers)


Rating: 5

9:02 PM / Mon. Feb 15, 2010 Posted by GREZZO16

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