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Downtown - Boom
Name: Downtown
Author: Boom
Type: MvM
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Name: Z0PharX

Yo, this be the Z0PharX, y'all know me... Though I suppose that since I've been given the honor of having this space to jot down some biographicalisms that I should use it wisely an' all that jazz... But who cares eh? I'm the dude... The dude who has no time to brood with, who doesn't need to be clued in, who'd allude to the portrude of the pet food while bein' sued. If that bit of a fit made any sense, then you're probably on some kinda fence hidin under an immense pretense that goes beyond all good sense. But yeah, I'm Z0PharX... Member of the FancyClan NEO, GameSpy HELPer dude, and overall practical and radical good man.

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Name: Tasiin

Tasiin comes from a long line of samurai. No one is really quite sure how or why, but they eventually came to America and quickly became known as Houston's greatest hired killers. Several years ago, young Mitsurugi Hamado the Fourth broke from tradition and laid his blade upon the ground, taking a vow to never kill again. Instead, he started his own fledgling computer repair business and played a lot of computer games. Thus Tasiin was born.

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Name: King

Making my way around GiantsWD and GSA, I have discovered very interesting and noteworthy people that have made Giants a much more memorable experience. Many of those people are already on the staff, and those that are not know who they are. But most importantly, it is the people who play Giants and bring a positive attitude to the game that make this site worth maintaining. Although I now spend more time on the site than playing the game, I appreciate its quality and dedicate my efforts toward its future success.

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Name: Gib

I made my first appearance in the Giants community on February 2003. I've had an exciting few years of play, and though I'm not as active within the game as I used to be, I still pop in once in a while.


Name: Nullpointer

Some years ago when Giants came out I received a copy of the game and after some time started to analyze it like I did before with some other games. While talking in some no longer existing boards, some people (Infinity7 being one of them if I recall correctly) asked me for the results of my work so I compiled it into a single program and called it GiantsEdit. While not being very user friendly and functional, it was the first program able to browse Giants files and to import and extract terrains and many people got a copy, including PMS themselves After some delay and lots of conversation with BadBrain (developer of GMM) and Infinity7 (a very enthusiastic Giants map maker), I've released a more user friendly windows version. It was one of my first windows programs ever and its code is really a mess... but it does its job well if you know how to get around all those pitfalls. Well, nowadays I no longer have the time to spare that I had back then and I am no longer interested in the gaming industry, but of course I still take a look here from time to time.

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