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Freaker Chill - Infinity7
Name: Freaker Chill
Author: Infinity7
Type: RvR
Patch 1.5


Nearly eight years ago - as of June 29th - the Giants: Citizen Kabuto version 1.4 patch was unleashed upon the unwitting masses. The patch fixed a fairly large number of bugs and glitches that had plagued the game, introduced the ability to host dedicated servers, and in general improved significantly upon what the game had to offer. Unfortunately however, it left a fair number of issues - some that had already been widely known, and others that would remain hidden and unknown for several years to come... a sad state of affairs, given the public knowledge that 1.4 was fated to be the game's final patch.

Until now, that is. Embracing with utmost zeal the idea of 'better late than never', and rejecting with extreme prejudice the concept of 'too little, too late', the oft-rumored and oft-debunked Giants: Citizen Kabuto 1.5 patch is ready for its time in the limelight - ready to show, once and for all, that Giants is still the paragon of action gaming - and that not even such nonsense as Killzone, Halo, Greyscales of War, or Call of Duty are capable of removing it from its rightful place.

Key Features: (For the most current list of changes, visit the forum.)

Changelist from 1.4 to 1.496

   Major multiplayer improvements: [+/-]

   Minor multiplayer improvements: [+/-]

   Graphical improvements: [+/-]

   General changes: [+/-]

   General balance changes: [+/-]

   Meccs: [+/-]

   Reapers: [+/-]

   Kabuto: [+/-]

   Miscellaneous/minor changes: [+/-]

Changelist from 1.496 to 1.497

   Bugs fixed from 1.496: [+/-]

   General: [+/-]

   New multiplayer features: [+/-]

   Kabuto: [+/-]

   Meccs: [+/-]

   Reapers: [+/-]

   Reaperski: [+/-]

   Singleplayer: [+/-]


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