The Art of Jetpacking (Gib's version)

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The Art of Jetpacking (Gib's version)

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Guide to Jetpacking by GibLit

Lifting off: First thing you do is go to the shop, obtain rockets, proximity missiles, homing missiles, syringe, grenades and flares and of course... the jetpack upgrade. In order to lift off from your base to the battlefield, use 1 grenade and 1 rocket combined with your nitro and thrust to pop you out of your base with speed and style. To do this, look at the ground, throw a grenade and walk infront of it before it blows up. When it blows, fire a rocket at the ground beneath you. The grenade will steer you horizontally and the rocket will steer you vertically, so you will propel yourself forward and upward. I see alot of jetpackers flying up on the hilltop of their base first, just to take a peek at what they're up against. That's only going to get you shot. If you do take a peek, make it quick. I suggest not even doing it at all.

Movements and Dodging: Most jetpackers will fly towards the enemy. That is not the way to do things. Once you have view of your opponent, you should fly diagonally within their view. Also keep your distance, that way it makes you harder to hit with proxies. Use grenades to boost yourself diagonally. drop a grenade below you and strafe left or right and combine the grenade with your thrust only, use your nitro for when you're about to hit the ground. If the shooter is experienced, he/she will shoot where he imagines you will go when the proximity missile hits that particular spot. Confuse the opponent by using the nitro before you hit the ground, so that it gives a nudge in order to dodge the projectile.

Flares are very much needed in combat with someone who fires homing missiles alot. Infact, you should have flares at all times. In order to use flares affectively, shoot one out when a homing missile is coming for you. Pretty simple? Well.. You will notice as you fire missiles at your opponent that flares sometimes take time to work. That's because flares are kind of like another missile launcher. You have to wait for your missiles refire rate before you can fire a flare. In that case, you will need to time your attacks and observe your opponent. If he/she pauses, don't shoot, wait for a homing missile to come out, then fire a flare. If you're sure that they will fire a homing missile at you, then you may also fire a flare before he does. It will still work, and they'll get pretty annoyed by that.

A problem with flaring homers is that they have 10 missiles, you have 5 flares. So if you both survive eachothers attacks, yet you have no flares, they will still have a few homing missiles. A good method with dodging homing rockets is to strafe-fly diagonally across a hill, and stay as close to the hill as you can while flying. The homing rockets have an estimated 70% chance of hitting the hill behind, leaving you with only minimal damage from the blast radius, maybe even no damage at all depending on how far the blast is. Another method is to use hills, towers, trees, etc. as cover.

Attacking: Some jetpackers fire proxies only, which is okay if you have good aim and you're fighting another jetpacker, but if you're fighting a shielder, that's a different story.

You have very little chance of defeating an experienced shielder with a jetpack on your back, but here are some advanced moves you can do in order to attempt killing them. These moves are sure to deliver some damage.

To deliver damage to shielders, you can't shoot proxies only. Those alone are easy to block. In order to deliver damage, you must combine combos, like other shielders do when they duel. A good combo that I use is proxy+proxy+homer+homer+proxy+homer. This will not kill them if they are good, even if you did it right, but it will deliver a significant amount of damage. You must make sure that you do not lock onto mines as you fire homing rockets. You'll see a blue sphere around the target you are locking onto in order to identify it. While doing these attacks, use the tactics from the movements and dodging section, obviously. Hone your skills in order for you to be able to dodge and attack at the same time. This will make you an expert jetpacker.

A good attack with the jetpack is to fly directly above a shielder. It's hard to aim up, they will end up twisting and turning and have a difficult time if you're lucky. Then just shoot a a few rockets. A good combo is the rocket+proxy combo, or a rocket+homer combo. Whatever you do, never fly towards a shielder. If they know a thing or two about mines and the effect mines have with rockets, they will mine+rocket combo you into the sand.

Now I will go to something a bit advanced. The use of mines with the jetpack.

Mines with jpack: Boosting with mines: Using mines with the jetpack is quite useful against any opponent. The secondary weapon you should replace is mines with grenades. Replacing the syringe or the flares is not recommended.. you will find that you will not be able to boost like you did with grenades, because you don't have any! In order to boost out of your base, set a number of mines depending, on how far and high you want to go, onto the ground. Then go back to your shop to refill on mines. When you're ready, make sure you face your back against the battlefield with the mines infront of you, make sure you're actually near the mines, enough to launch. Shoot a rocket and let your thrust go! You could save your nitro in order to make a smooth landing.

Attacking and blocking with mines: Since you don't have grenades, it will be hard to dodge proxies. So instead, block them! Dodge the proxies you know that you're able to dodge with nitro and thrust, and save your mines for when you're sure you won't be able to dodge the shot. Any decent shielder will fire a proxie where you will land. In order to block it, throw a mine infront of your landing spot ahead of time. This all takes time to master, but is very useful. It's like shielding with speed, only no one's ever really mastered it that well.

Attacking with mines is very simple actually. Mines are a good weapon if you're rushing a shielder. Once you get close to a shielder, fly above them, and fire mines, and rockets. I've seen someone rush with proxies, which looked ridiculous, but actually worked. The shielder might lose his/her rythm, and you might have an advantage. A shielder who keeps his/her cool will blast out of there. The shielder will sustain damage from the mine spammage, but he/she will then remember to keep their distance. Not to mention, you're mines will probably be depleted, so it's good to try and take em out with the first rush.

This has been my guide to jetpacking. I'll update it if I see something else is needed, or if you guys think I should add something else.


Useful Tips:

Smarties - During a match against a shielder, or maybe even a jetpacker, try scattering the smarties all over the field. This is especially good against shielders, because it will block their proxies, and misguide their homers 50% of the time. The thing is, that applies to you aswell, so you will need to practice on making sure your homers get your opponent with a smartie beside him. If the smartie is, say, to his left, then aim your lock-on to the far right, but just enough to keep the mecc on your screen. Try homer+rocket combos. For this, you'll have to fire the rocket while on ground, which causes the rocket to render inaccurate from where you placed your aimer. Try aiming up more, but not too much because it'll just launch to the sky. This all takes time to master, so be patient my young padawans. Btw, this trick was used by ZopharX when him 'n I had a match. I don't think anyone else uses this at all, but it's good to keep in your books anyways.

Dodging Homers - I have an extra trick up my sleeve concerning homer dodges. If you're a jetpacker, and on the ground for the moment, and are getting homers fired at you from a player way up into the air, throw a grenade infront of you, use your nitro only to lift off of the ground, then moderately use your fuel to skid across the ground with speed. The homing missile will completely miss you at no cost of a flare.
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Re: The Art of Jetpacking (Gib's version)

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