Blind playthrough series on YouTube!

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Blind playthrough series on YouTube!

Post by TwoStarPlayersNik » Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:17 pm

Hi folks!

Me and my girlfriend have been running a small Let's Play channel on YouTube for a couple of months now (700 subscribers), and ever since we started she's wanted me to play Giants: Citizen Kabuto. It's a game she grew up with but that I had never heard of, so I'm diving in completely blind in the single player campaign. I've noticed that there exists very little content for Kabuto on YouTube, so hopefully the series can be moderately successful and lead to some more people finding out about the game.

As a fun tidbit, my older brother used to be one of the top ranked players in the world in Starsiege: Tribes and I used to watch him play all the time back in the day, so I do know the mechanics of fpsz games and how you're kinda supposed to play them. Hopefully that can help me to not look like a complete scrub while I make my way through this.

If you think it could be fun to watch someone experience the game for the very first time, please come and give us a watch!

Video for our Part 1 that we just published here:

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