Giants Edit 5.3 Unleashed (PDF)

Post your tips and strategies for other Giants users, whether it's for making maps, creating skins, or just for general gameplay.

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Giants Edit 5.3 Unleashed (PDF)

Post by arthurdecastro »

Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I've get a bit "out" of the forum. Anyway, I come back xD

I create a PDF version of the tutorial original made by King, and put newer screenshots. I would like to see how popular this can be, and maybe king will fix the document on the tutorial section? xD ... d.pdf?dl=0

Why PDF? since many people (like me) like to print a document of this kind, or even don't wanna keep the browser open while are mapping, the PDF is a good thing IMO.

Cheers :)
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Post by Threnke »

It is good for those who are still interested in making maps, but scarcely will be someone
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