The Intermediate Guide to Gyrocopter Piloting

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Post by [TO]Semore »

Gyros are fun for laying your life down for the empire. =(
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Misile Evasion

Post by Jay »

First thing is I'd like to say hi to all ya great peeps, who keep the Giants going (I thought the online activity has died after two years), and kept playing with only a handfull of friends on LAN.
But lets get to the point.
Well, CKtD, I found this guide long, but full of good hints, tips and strategies. If there's anyone still watching this topic, I'd like to say that evading proxy's and homies can be done by "mere" ability to dodge like crazy. For example I managed to dodge for about 30 seconds before taking first hit, still managed to somehow bomb my target and disappear (my enemy having all AA turrets scattered all over his base) with a scratch and ONE flare used. Btw it looks quite cool if watched from somewhere quiet. But having 10 or so rockets on your tail is no sugar. And can be used on smaller scale with Jetpack. Might seem impossible but give it a try and a bit of time to train, but shouldn't try in an important game.
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Re: The Intermediate Guide to Gyrocopter Piloting

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I didn't actually read this, not gonna lie. But I'm gonna assume it's still good.

Bumping for Accuracy and Relevance.
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