The Art of the Avid Barnyard Barnacle's Bait

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Do ferrets fly?

Only not.
Perhaps the same can be said of all religions!
I say old bean, I must express my astonishment towards your claim. Is this fact, or a clever ruse?
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The Art of the Avid Barnyard Barnacle's Bait

Post by GibLit »

Breast Bait comes in canned cartridges festered in the festive forest delight. First off, McDoctor who? came in from Alabama no pun intended. Purple penii pedometry pile, it was my first assumption gate. Hi I, think sure why not well nothing comes normal to neurologist nectar norton anti-I think not! After careful consideration candlelight, I really Billy McNilly!!! After all, well, truthfully the thing that thawed thereafter thesis feces is, in fact, a fish. Don't you understand that, no pun intended, it is a fat fact ferocious ferret flying. Only then. It's like my daily dose of dioxide used to say, no ferret is left unfestered by the feast it meets in masked Mormon material matress.

Rule #1 - From the sham shop, ship shiny rockets and a shimmering sherade shield into your shackles. A syringe is fine too.

Rule #2 - Plow thine putrid putrefaction from the pine of the planet.

Rule #3 - You do not talk about Fight Club.

The mines of masculine mandible mating matron. That's right, mines motherfucker, do you speak it? Advantages advocated by adding paralysis to the plan, ploy and overall pact to the proximity director's cut.

The flares felt and festered by the unforgettable fraught. Fire flare, recieve bacon, and bait the homing heatseeking hot pocket away from yonder which yields more yard work.

Grilling Guide by the Great Gate Guarder GibLit
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Re: The Art of the Avid Barnyard Barnacle's Bait

Post by Trust Kill »

Preposterous remark! that be the most ridiculous thing ever! I must say, no pun indeed old chap, your grilling shiling rockatiling gave a borborygmus doodad to mine, call McDoctor what's that name again? Such a ferocious beast can/may not fly, it be crowded to the dirt. I be gadzooked by this, quite the boondoogle thine had to write such a bonzer of a cockamamie not to mention a rhinotillexomania. Bloaviately and in conclusion, ti's nothing more then hocus-pocus-manocus, I don't want to cause a kerfuffle, no pun indeed, but you old been, are a slubberdegullion. I shant miss the tide of idiocy, quite right, and forwardly claim I fully liked and disagre with thy 1+1+1 rule.

Perhaps the same can be said of all religions? aight! indeed, quite right!
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Post by SPrinkZ »

Sir, I rebuke all that is said, utterly openly orgasmicaly obviously. Today ten tits tantalize truths tripling traps.
Ergo arrogant apple eaters must let bigons be bigons.

True religion? Perhaps, puzzling, enigmatic enemas.
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