Our stance on Trainers (repost)

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Our stance on Trainers (repost)

Post by Zopharks » Fri Jul 01, 2005 6:03 am

I would like to repost something that was on the GWD frontpage some time ago:
[NEO]Z0PharX on Mon. Aug 16 wrote:Our stance on Trainers

I've been asked by King to post up a little article outlining the stance of GiantsWD on trainers.
Trainers are evil, vile things that should be wiped off the planet, preferably with fire.
Use of these evil creations in games that are open to the public, or games that otherwise frown on cheating (re: every server, just about) will result in three things:
• Being banned from GiantsWD.com
• Being labled as a known cheater, and thus being kicked from a great deal of servers.
• Being labled as a known cheater, and thus being flamed a lot by those who are against cheating (re: 99.9~% of all players).

In addition to using trainers, their distribution is similarly frowned upon. While it is probably impossible to find everyone who distributes a trainer to someone else, giving out download links in public, or offering to send people trainers is VERY highly frowned upon, more than actually using one, if I had to say.
And on a personal level, asking me for trainers, or for help with trainers will get you very little, other than a good flaming.

Side Note - by King
I agree with Z0P's stance, but would like to specify what he does not cover. Friends will be friends and sometimes they just like to screw around. Being as such, I have no problems with people using trainers on their own servers that ARE NOT PUBLIC. By being not public, I mean that the game is not visible in any lobby. You can achieve 1337 ninjitsu invisibility with your server by using the -nogamespy command line in either your Giants shortcut or GMM. While we like to be friendly to everyone, passing out trainers to the public ruins the game. I do not ban out of spite nor out of punishment. GiantsWD is a privilege and those that choose to spoil others' game will have that privilege removed. Be happy, be healthy. Cheerios.
Theres seems to be a bit of confusion going around
Someone Zop doesn't like wrote:I cheated, but not on your server... You can do nothing to me! Hahaha!
That is not the case. If you cheat in a public game, we ban you. It doesn't matter if its our game, or Riku's game. Sorry, but thats the final word on the matter.