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Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 8:37 pm
by Zopharks
Mired in the inescapable boredom of plague-induced lockdown, I've been reflecting here and there on my personal history and growth over the years and happened to realize that its been about a decade since I've been active here (2009 was the last time I had more than three posts in a single year), which got me thinking about the ways that I've changed in the time since.

I first got into Giants not too long after its release in 2001, which... is little weird to think about. I was such a fu**ing child, lol. It was pretty much my first substantial experience with online gaming and I was kind of a mess of unresolved personal issues and insecurities... which is pretty much the norm for being a teenager I suppose, but still.

These days I'm less... well, to be blunt less of an idiotic, arrogant, edgy, assh***. I had a few phases in which I was a completely insufferable jackass in one way or another over my time in and around the Giants community, with more than a few things that I very deeply regret having said or done. I'm also less of an irrepressible tryhard, which is a good thing. :V

In the time since I've been part of the Giants community I've done such exciting things as pulling my head out of my metaphorical ass, gotten married, quitting my job to take up cooking, helped work on a (really fu**ing good if I don't say so myself) homemade forum package, moving to Seattle only to fu**ing hate it and return back to Portland after five years, nearly gotten murdered by a skinhead, made a few shocking personal realizations, helped pull a few folks out of horrifically abusive environments, briefly been an admin on a my little pony forum (I have regrets), among other things. I'm also going to be having my 35th birthday this month, which... gives me mixed emotions :VVVV

I'm still big on games, though these days I mostly play roguelikes, indies, and random Nintendo sh**, and am recovering to a brief stint with a downright awful MMORPG. I play a lot of Star Citizen every few months as well, and have enjoyed watching things come together in it. Beyond all of that, I'm looking forward to the upcoming Vampire the Masquerade game, as well as Cyberpunk.

But yeah, mildly curious to see if anyone else (not even necessarily just crusty old people, to be clear)happens upon this thread at some point and wants to add any of their own experiences. The fact that this site is still alive and kicking at this point (big props to King tbh) is nothing short of incredible imo.

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Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 1:15 am
by Reventon134
Hey man, sorry for the brief response but it's 3 AM here now and I needa go to sleep xD I'm going to post my story with Giants tomorrow though. For now just want to say it's quite a roller coaster of a life you've had, hope you're happy where you are now!

Props to King indeed, he's keeping it alive and responds swiftly to any of our messages <3

Most importantly you're back and that means you can get back into Giants 8) Guess you've seen it on the main page but if not, here's the link to our Giants Discord server:

We set it up at the start of 2018 as a way to keep it all rolling and it works. This is the community centre nowadays + Steam group. Today (Sat 6th June) we're having an online event at 8 PM CEST and we'd be delighted to see you join. If you lost your copy of the game, there's a Summer Sale going on over at GOG, with Giants for 3.19€. Sounds like a great way to relive memories :D You might also find your old friends on our Discord, we've got quite a few of them old school players.

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Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 3:55 am
by [TO]Semore
Damn old noobs.
Do you know how hard it was to remember I had a [TO] as part of my username? Had to search the damn forums to figure that one out.

Re: Retrospectives

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 12:06 am
by [TO]Semore
I guess I could add a bit of where I've ended up. I have a wife and 2 daughters (Ages 2 and 4). I currently work full time from home (even before the COVIDs).