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Speedrunning Giants

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:34 pm
by zawj3
Have anyone here ever tried speedrunning Giants? Or at least know if someone else attempted it in the past?

I've been searching a lot for it on the Internet and only found Pendrokar's run (the one published on SDA), there was also one more attempt but it wasn't ever finished and was slower. Both of them are segmented.

However, I'm more interested in single segment runs, and I couldn't find any tips and strategies that could be helpful in making such a run, for example how to avoid the bug in reaperski races which marks gates as missed even if player got through them. Not a big problem in segmented run as one can redo it hundreds of times, but in single segment one it prevents from taking a shortcut in the best case, and makes the player lose the race (and 5-6 minutes) at worst.

So... Any speedrunners here who are willing to share some advice?