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Updated GiantsHook information

Post by Zopharks » Tue Jun 26, 2007 2:14 am

Work on the initial version of GiantsHook is slowly coming to a close. Most of the features have been finalized, with a few requiring a little bit of extra polish before completion. We'd like to take this time to release an updated feature list, as well as answer a few questions people might have about them.

As of this moment, the current version (0.33) of GiantsHook makes the following changes automatically:

• Mine bug fix
Prevents 'dead' mines from appearing on terrain that can not be destroyed.

• Kabuto crash fix
Prevents the game from crashing when performing a fully charged adrenaline attack.

• Sound loop fix
Prevents various sounds from entering an infinite loop.

• Anticheat
Works via communication between clients running GiantsHook and the server. Players using GiantsHook will be able to use the F1 menu to see who else on the server is running it. While not a perfect anticheat solution, it does place pressure on established players to “prove� that they're clean by running GiantsHook. Note that in addition to this, some cheats and exploits have been neutralized entirely server-side where possible.

• Respawn fix
Players will no longer appear to die and return to life when using a shield pack.


The following options are configurable in Giants.ini:

Decal Pool

• PoolSize Options - Increasing the pool size for weapon blast marks or Kabuto footprints will allow more of these to appear before old decals begin to be cleaned up by the game.

DX8 Renderer

• DynamicLighting - Disables or enables dynamic weapon lighting.

• GenerateMipmaps - Automatically generates mipmaps for all of the game's textures as they are loaded. Significantly reduces shimmering on distant textures, but increases loading times.

• TripleBuffering - Toggles triple buffering on and off. Triple buffering will prevent the framerate from decreasing drastically when the game's framerate drops below your monitor's refresh rate with V-Sync enabled, but increases mouse lag. Setting this to true has no effect if you do not have V-Sync forced in your graphics card's control panel. This is enabled by default in the DirectX8 renderer, but GiantsHook gives you the ability to disable it.

Game Options

• LogAllChat - Logs chat in any multiplayer game you join or host to chatlog.txt.

• Smartie Options - These settings adjust the number of Smarties available on the map.

GRM (these options require GRM 1.0 to be installed)

• MuzzleFlashes - Toggles the extra muzzle flashes GiantsHook adds for the blaster, sniper, mortar, proximity missile, and homing missile.

• Trail Options - Toggles the enhanced weapon trails available in GRM.


• DetailScale Options - Adjusts the level of detail scale for high, medium, and low model detail in the graphics options menu in-game. Higher values cause objects to switch to low detail models at shorter distances, and lower values cause objects to stay detailed further away from the camera.

• MinDesiredFramerate - Adjusts model detail on the fly in order to keep the framerate at acceptable levels.

• MaxShadowDistance - Maximum distance from the camera that shadows will be rendered. Giants does not ever stop rendering shadows regardless of the distance by default, so setting this option above 0 may improve your performance with shadows enabled.

• MaxLightDistance - Maximum distance from the camera that dynamic lights will appear.


• ForceHighBandwidth - This option gives server hosts the ability to force high bandwidth mode for all players connecting to their game with GiantsHook. This reduces lag for everyone and results in smoother player movement.

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