Vimp herd - Object Data

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Vimp herd - Object Data

Post by RichardMH » Sun Jul 04, 2004 4:44 pm

Ive experimented with the vimp herds and this is what I found out.

You can have different data in the Object Data field if you feel like it
(to get the Object Data boxes click the More button),
Doesnt matter if you have 10 different vimp herd markers they can all have different values depending on their location on map.

First field makes the vimps go in a straight line...
If you have a lower value they will walk closer together.

Second field makes the vimps walk further away from eachother...
If you have a higher value they will walk further away from eachother.
Side ways that is...

Third field makes them eat and behave as normal animals
If you have a higher value they will eat grass, scratch the ground like hens do...

I hope this helps the map makers out there :)

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