Giants High Resolution Texture Pack

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Giants High Resolution Texture Pack

Post by knosso#2919 » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:05 am

Hi everybody I am Knosso#2919,
this texture pack is at it's early stages and is my first contribution to the game. It starts as an upscale of the original textures of the game using the program Wifu2x (which uses Deep Convolutional Neural Networks) The aim of the upscale is to provide a quick improvement of the game graphics on high resolution displays while i gradually replace the original textures with high resolution ones (megascans, etc...) that maintain the original feel of the game. It will take years of course given the fact that the game has so many textures. However i hope to release an updated version every few months.

You will find 4 files at the download link, please download the one closest to your monitor resolution to not waste system resources:
1) One e with textures upscaled 8 times the original dimensions but limited to 4096 pixels
2) One upscaled 4 times but limited to 2048 pixels, except for the skyes at 4096 pixels
3) One with just the replaced textures at 4096 pixels
4) One with just the replaced textures at 2048 pixels

To install the pack simply download it, extract it using 7zip or similar software, and copy all the content in the folder "Giants/Bin/Override". If the folder doesn't exist create it.

If you want to contribute you can contact me on discord via pm, send me a link to the textures you are providing. Remember to specify the author of the texture if you didn't create it, and make sure you have the consent of the author to use it. Every file format is accepted however i prepher raw formats and in general files with as little manipulation as possible.

System Requirements:

1200Mb of VRAM on 1280*1024 screens, probably more on higher resolution ones.
I've noticed some frame drops when using AMD 6 cores but a much older Intel dual core maintains a rock solid 60fps so your mileage may vary.

Glitches and artifacts:
  • Leaves and most of the objects with some kind of transparency seems like an attached piece of paper, i will try to see if it can be mitigated.
  • In most custom multiplayer maps the game crashes but it works perfectly fine on original multiplayer maps, please report crashes to me giving as much information as possible. This will be probably fixed in the next version by simply removing multiplayer textures, after all each map maker should be free to decide what textures to utilize
Textures replaced in V0.0.1:
  • Kstory1_sea.tga --> Just a random Photo of a night sky
You can find the texture pack at the following link:

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