Fix for cutscene sound delay / desync

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Fix for cutscene sound delay / desync

Post by innuendo1231 »

Hello everyone. Here's a fix for this old issue of the cutscenes' sound desynchronizations.

The sounds in the cutscenes have a layered sturcture. There's one audio file for the ambient sound effects that are out of sync, another one for the speech and a third one for music.

I took all the audio files of the ambient sounds layer of cutscenes, and CHANGED their sample rate from 22050 to 22380.

You may do it yourself too, or you can download my fix. The key is to CHANGE the sampling rare, NOT CONVERT.
This means that they are played back 1.5 % faster. This way even the long cutscene of Kabuto's first appearance stays in sync till the end.

Here's a 7z. Replace the Stream folder with this one and have an excuse to play this amusing game once more :)
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Re: Fix for cutscene sound delay / desync

Post by Tig »

After almost 20 years, you fixed a problem that has bugged me ever since I bought the game!
Very nice. Although it almost sounded weird hearing the cutscenes in sync!

I've added the download link to the Techsupport section of our Discord server. Feel free to hop in!
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Re: Fix for cutscene sound delay / desync

Post by arthurdecastro »

It's wonderful. But Kabuto Story 1 got desync now for me :cry:
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Re: Fix for cutscene sound delay / desync

Post by Reventon134 »


The link above died so I put up my Stream folder with this fix applied on my Drive: ... sp=sharing

If you have any problems, reply here or join our Discord
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