Low disk space problem

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Low disk space problem

Post by [PL] Przemek » Mon Sep 13, 2010 7:16 pm


Today I has a problem. I has only 78 megabytes of free disk space and wasn't able to start a gameplay on server which has a pre-installed (installed by default) map launched right now. I checked at gckms.no-ip.org and there was told that at server is few peoples which are playing at V. Small map. In Giants server "Giants Dedicated Server" and "GiantsWD.org Dedicated Server" told me that currency chosen map is "[None]". When I was trying to enter on server, Giants asked me do I want to download a map which are currencly launched at this server. When I told that Yes, I want it shown me a view which we can see while downloading a map but with no progress bar and with no any progress. When I maked some more disk space it started to work correctly. Why this problem exists? Will be it fixed?

[PL] Przemek

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