Fix for Giants crashing on ATI Catalyst 9.5 or later driver

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Fix for Giants crashing on ATI Catalyst 9.5 or later driver

Post by rcgldr » Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:43 am

Since Catalyst 9.5, Giants was no longer running on my system (Windows XP, ATI HD4870 video card).

To fix this problem, I copied up the Giant directory to a temp folder and renamed gg_dx7r.dll to gg_dx7r_org.dll in the temp folder. I then installed the 1.497 patch to the primary folder, then copied the directx 8 driver, gg_dx8r.dll to the temp folder and renamed it to gg_dx7r.dll. I then deleted the patched version of Giants and restored the backup from the temp folder, with the gg_dx7r.dll driver replaced with the directx 8 driver from the patch.

This was for offline play. The patch makes some changes that increase single player difficulty, mostly for Delphi (like a smaller time bubble). The patch also includes some nice stuff like weather effects.

The simpler alternative is to use the 1.497 patch. Be sure to not select the directx 7 driver if you have Catalyst 9.5 or later installed, as the game will crash.

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