The Art of Jetpacking (SPrinkZ' version)

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The Art of Jetpacking (SPrinkZ' version)

Post by SPrinkZ » Mon Apr 26, 2004 12:50 am

The Art Of Jetpacking

By SPrinkZ:

Jetpacking, now this is something I probably shouldn't be writing a guide about... I have absolutely NO idea what the hell I am talking about. Not.

Jetpacking is a very very simple concept, usually adopted by the newer players as a simple way to 'get into the game(don't arrest me).' What's hilarious is, Spliff once said this, and I am going to use another one of his brilliant analogies. "Two jetpackers are like two guys going at eachother with chainsaws, it's pretty hard to come out without a scratch."

This is absolutely true, jetpackers have no protection, and usally out of the 20 shots that are fired in a jetpacker duel, SOMEONE gets hurt. Just keep this in mind, the advanced jetpack is fun. In a real tournament, probably only GOOD for fun.

My belief is, the jetpack is a great way to start yourself off, a jetpackers aim is usally better than that of a shielders. They learn how to use trajectory properly and usually their shots are dead on.

Jetpacker Setup:

A jetpacker should always equip himself with the regular setup.

Rocket - Proxy - Homer

Grenades/Mines - Syringe - Flare

Grenades are prefered by me, some like to have mines, why? How the hell should I know? Ooh I gave a rhetorical question only to be ended with another nonchallant and witty rhetorical question-- Well anyways.

Usefulness of each weapon:

Rocket -

  • The rocket should almost never be used on a jetpacker, unless you are close and more than positive it will hit them on their landing or they will get some sort of splash damage.

    They are perfect for shielders, drop a few rockets on a shielder, it does a hell of alot of damage. Especially if you are accurate.

Proxy -

  • Your main tool to fight jetpackers, very hard to hit from long distances, but if you miss from close distances, then you probably will get blasted into nothingness.

Homer -

  • A good tool to fight a shielder or a jetpacker, and for locating bushers. This can be used in conjunction with the proxy or the rocket, I'll explain later.

Grenades/Mines -

  • Grenades are MUCH more effective at launching you than a mine is, and I doubt you'd take 5 launches over 8. If you decide to, then the only purpose for mines is really to drop them on a shielders head, they not only protect you while you fly over, but they will home onto him, drop a rocket or two on him, and watch him get destroyed.

    Grenades are used to launch you, or sometimes for a small rush or base destruction. I'll get into strategies with these later.

Flares -

  • A MUST HAVE! If you do not have flares, homers will rape you like mad. There is a secert to flares though, that hardly anyone knows or uses, I used this trick on jetpackers ALL the time.

  • Flares are like a weapon, you need to reload whatever gun you fired first, THEN you can fire a flare. So get a homing lock then fire your homer after they shoot a proxy, or whatever they shoot. Time their shot, make sure you are close. Most likely they will get frantic and maybe shoot off 2 flares, it will make your job easier.

Syringe -

  • A MUST HAVE! If you do not have the syringe, kill yourself now. You are leaving the base with a huge disadvantage. Use the syringe when you have 1/4 health, so you get a full boost rather than filling up 1/4 of the heart, you fill up as much as the syringe allows.

Jetpacker Combo's:

Proxy + Homer: A combo that is quite effective, great for using against jetpackers, since usually when you fire off the proxy they will be firing one of their own, get a homing lock and wait for their shot, then fire the homer. Against a shielder time the shots together, it does massive damage.

Homer + Rocket: Only good really against a shielder, that's it. Time the shots as best you can... Or reverse it, and it will work the same pretty much, perhaps better depending on the distance.

Proxy + Proxy + Rocket: Only good on a shielder or a descending jetpacker. Fire the two to dictate where he goes, then drop a rocket on where they are now, or drop one on the jetpackers feet. Usally if you hit dead on with two proxy's they will throw a mine, then if you drop that rocket they will probably have nearly no juice to run away/unable to stop that rocket. That should destroy their rhythm.

Rocket + Rocket + Proxy: Good on a shielder, it usally will crack their shield, and they will never think of throwing a mine in the way of the next thing that is coming: A proximity missle. Hit them dead on with atleast 2 of the shots and you are doing well.

Proxy + Homer + Proxy: Use this one jetpackers or shielders, it's difficult to do on jetpackers, time the homer and the proxy together so it becomes an autokill, this is nearly ineffective on a good shielder.

Grenade + Rocket: Use this on shielders only, try to rush in, drop the grenade turn around and fire the rocket. The damage should throw off their rhythm.

Mine + Mine + Rocket: Use this on shielders, or a jetpacker coming down for a landing. Drop the two mines, they should chase the shielder, use the rocket to detonate everything.

That does it for the Jetpacker combo's their usefulness is rather limited against shielders. A good shielder beats a good jetpacker everytime.

Jetpacker Tricks:


  • Launching is a trick that all jetpackers must learn, drop a grenade and shoot a rocket at your feet to fly at fast speeds, using this you can do many different techniques.


  • Rushing is a technique used on shielders only really. Throw a grenade behind you, or use it in such a way that you remain close to the ground. Use a grenade and rocket combo, or mine and rocket combo to do some serious damage. Rushing usually result in your own death if you are not careful.

Jetpacker Strategies:

Rushing game:

Some jetpackers play a game of pure rushing. They just rush all the time and blow apart shielders this way. A quick rush to start, a few shots to disorient them, drop a grenade and come back at them until they are dead.

Long distance game:

Some people like to play a long distance game, their aim is usually very good, or it better be. This way of playing is VERY safe, if your aim is absolutely incredible. Playing against another jetpacker like this might be difficult, playing a shielder it will be easier if your aim is incredible. You will need to pound them consistently though, and most likely you will miss...

Super Launcher:

A select few like to launch themselves super high and fire alot of things from way above. Obviously this style of playing is absolutely ridiculous, and stupid.

Secert tricks of the trade:

Jetpackers have many MANY different styles, techniques. etc... No jetpacker is like the other. They all play differently really, but the reason why is because of their skill levels. Jetpacking has many different skill levels. Ontop of that, so many unpredictable variables. So no jetpacker plays like another.

Keep that in mind whenever you play one, they won't be like the last guy you faught. They might be easier, or the same difficulty but just a different style...

Jumping out of the base:

When you come out, never EVER come out the same way everytime, because anyone will be able to time your normal jump out of the base. So when you launch out of the base, try a different way each time so they can't predict where you are going to come out next...

Any tips, or comments are much appreciated.

This guide braught to you by SPrinkZ
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Post by dietofeelalive » Mon Sep 18, 2006 4:11 pm

Man ... this is a good guide. I can give you an example of a long range fighter. Thats the kind i hate. Its very difficult to hit them.. Ring any Bells Ravingmadman... LOL

I gotta tell ya, this is perhaps the best technique for a jetter i've encountered. Super laucher is what most jetters do and becuase of that they usually end up dead before they touch the ground. LOL.

But the jetters are at a huge disadvantage because its very hard to keep shooting at a sheidler and land shots each time. If they dont , the shield regenerates, and there is no point.

And for jetpackers it much harder to launch Flare when they are flying , i've tried it. it seems like your Buttons just lock up and i have to Wildly bang aganist my middle mouse button 4 or 5 times to get a flare going.. But usually as is the case, the homers already gotten to me.

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Post by [NEO]Vortex » Mon Sep 18, 2006 5:33 pm

dietofeelalive wrote:And for jetpackers it much harder to launch Flare when they are flying , i've tried it. it seems like your Buttons just lock up and i have to Wildly bang aganist my middle mouse button 4 or 5 times to get a flare going.. But usually as is the case, the homers already gotten to me., and it should be obvious enough for you to figure out why that's happening.

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Post by Trust Kill » Mon Sep 18, 2006 8:40 pm

Surely by now you already know the flare is a missile itself, and thus you'll have to wait until the reloading is done so you can fire a new missile.

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Post by [TO]Semore » Mon Sep 25, 2006 2:26 am

dietofeelalive wrote:And for jetpackers it much harder to launch Flare when they are flying , i've tried it. it seems like your Buttons just lock up and i have to Wildly bang aganist my middle mouse button 4 or 5 times to get a flare going.. But usually as is the case, the homers already gotten to me.
Hehe, that made me laugh.

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Post by DarkFalcoZ » Mon Sep 25, 2006 10:42 pm

If you try level one :lol: in single player, they let you practice using flares against a turret before you go around the mountain.

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Post by Shardz » Wed Sep 27, 2006 11:37 am

Just lol :x

Hey, nice community we got nice :lol:

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Post by Weasel » Mon Oct 16, 2006 12:17 am

Awww man sprinkz I remember you teaching me everything about this back when I first got in the game. And dang I forgot about the server restarting and all the post being reset...Stupid playtoy

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Post by Baldrick » Mon Oct 16, 2006 1:23 pm

I voted that shot in the mouth option.

Probably for the 2 seconds of enjoyment it bought clicking the two buttons.

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Re: The Art of Jetpacking (SPrinkZ' version)

Post by Salazar » Sat Jun 22, 2019 12:47 am

Bumping for Accuracy and Relevance.

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